A person who is diagnosed with the bipolar disease experience mood swings very often. At one minute they will be full of energy and other minute they will be depressed. This disease has affected a lot of people and their family. Manic depression is also one of the forms of the bipolar disease. The disease basically affects a person behavior, reaction, thought patterns, feelings, perception of things and people around them etc. The main reason for this erratic behavior is the imbalance in their brain between chemicals and electrical elements. This imbalance does not allow the brain to function properly. This is sometimes hereditary and runs in the family. This hereditary disease of mental illness makes people prone to mental imbalance. Many types of medicines come in the market for this disease. Patients suffering from bipolar disease refrain from taking medicines continuously for a long time. So, one can opt for alternatives therapies or supplements. These therapies are much healthier as compared to the medicines prescribed by the physician.

One of the most famous therapies for people suffering from this disease is by listening to bipolar music. Music and sound therapy has proven to have done wonders in some of the cases. Listening to calm bipolar music and sounds has always proved to leave a soothing and calming effect on the minds of listeners especially in the case of bipolar patients. It will be beneficial that a person who is suffering from this disease should consult a qualified and professional music therapist in their area. If you don’t have any experienced music therapist in your area then try going to a local music store to find music and sounds that have a calm soothing effect. You can choose from different kinds of meditational music which is played while doing yoga.

CD’s of sounds like chirping of the bird, waterfall running, blowing of gentle breeze, ocean sounds etc also are widely purchased by people who are suffering from bipolar disease. These soothing music helps your brain to relax and eases your feeling of anxiety or depression. For an exhaustive list of what kind of bipolar disorder music a bipolar patient should listen and what music should they avoid listening search on the internet. Generally rock music, drum beats and other fast paced music should be avoided as this kind of music causes a lot of anxiety and disturbs the chemical elements in the brain and disturbs it function.

Bipolar disorder music is also available on the internet for free download. Soft gentle soothing music helps to heal the mind of the patients. Music that is depressing or emotionally charging, hard, loud, upsets the balance in mind making the patient over excited and damaging the proper functioning of the mind and the body. It is not at all beneficial for a bipolar patient to listen to them as it will make them agitated. Listening to wrong music can be very detrimental. Be very careful in choosing the right music.

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